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Expert Plan Management and Fiduciary Oversight

Since its inception, Hays Financial Group has been dedicated to helping organizations and their employees achieve financial wellness. Through personalized fiduciary advisory services and customized plan design, we empower you to make well-informed financial decisions and offer comprehensive retirement benefits to your team.

Working With Hays

At Hays, we are committed to making a difference. Our experienced advising team offers solution-oriented services, focusing on plan design and fiduciary governance to help employers and employees make sustainable financial decisions. With us, you get a group of passionate, skilled team players who support you at every step. Our dynamic, interactive process is team-focused, enabling your team to take charge of their financial future while enhancing employee retention through effective plan governance.

Our Process

Financial security is possible when you have access to the right knowledge and resources. That’s where we come in. At the outset of our engagement, we assess everyone’s level of understanding within your organization. We then work on providing you with a substantive analysis before recommending strategic solutions.

Throughout our process, we prioritize lowering financial risk with advanced risk mitigation techniques and focus on strong retirement plan governance, including potentially acting as your 401(k) fiduciary. From building a strong educational foundation to comprehensive plan management, we customize our services to meet your needs and achieve your financial wellness goals.

Meet Our Team

Our goal-oriented team, dedicated to financial equity, creates effective wealth management strategies. Discover our vast experience and learn how we can help you find the right financial solutions with expert plan design, fiduciary advice, and plan governance.

Find the Best Retirement Solutions
with Customized Services

Everyone’s economic situation is unique, which is why personalized solutions are essential. At HFG, we specialize in tailored plan design, fiduciary advisory services, and robust plan governance to help you advance your financial security. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive 401(k) strategies or other retirement planning needs, our team is here to guide you. Learn more about our customized services and secure your future by scheduling a consultation with us today.