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Enhance Your Employee Benefits with Customized Retirement Solutions from HFG

Hays Financial Group (HFG) offers a comprehensive suite of retirement planning services designed to help organizations enhance their employee benefits packages and ensure financial wellness. With a focus on tailored solutions, HFG specializes in defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans, non-qualified plans, and executive life insurance, all underpinned by expert plan design, fiduciary advisory services, and robust plan governance.

  • Defined Contribution Plans: These plans, including popular options like 401(k) and 403(b), allow employees to contribute a portion of their salary to retirement savings, often matched in part by the employer. This setup gives employees control over their investments and savings growth, enhancing engagement and financial planning flexibility.
  • Defined Benefit Plans: These are traditional pension plans that guarantee a specified monthly benefit at retirement, calculated based on factors like years of service and salary history. These plans provide employees with stability and predictability, offering a clear, defined benefit upon retirement.
  • Non-Qualified Plans: These flexible retirement and compensation arrangements are designed primarily for executives and key employees, allowing them to save for retirement beyond the limits of traditional plans like 401(k)s. These plans can be tailored to meet high-earning individuals’ specific financial goals and needs without the stringent contribution limits and regulations of qualified plans.
  • Executive Life Insurance: As a component of broader compensation packages, life insurance is tailored to key company executives, providing significant benefits. The policy can include features like cash value accumulation, which executives can use as a tax-advantaged investment or savings tool, enhancing their financial security and retirement readiness.

Interested in enhancing your company’s retirement plan offerings? Schedule a consultation with Hays Financial Group today to discover how our services can improve your employee benefits and secure your team’s financial future.