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Roth Or Pretax

Recording Retirement Optimization

This is one of the most common conundrums in retirement savings. This presentation discusses the differences and advantages of each. It also shines light on Roth savings in your employer-sponsored plan compared to a Roth IRA. You should save as much as you can anyway you can, and we will help you understand how Roth and pretax fit into your retirement savings strategy.

Additional Resources

Video intro image graphic about Retiree Profiles: Lifestyles In Retirement. Video presented by Greg Klein of Hays Financial Group
Financial Wellness Recording

Retiree Profiles: Lifestyles In Retirement

In this video, we discuss the profiles of current retirees from an EBRI survey conducted on 2,000 retired households. We analyze the lifestyles of these five retiree groups. Then, develop lessons we can learn from them to better prepare for retirement ourselves.

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